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Laura Newman MSc
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Connected Child Blog

When a Parent is Born

WHEN YOUR CHILD IS BORN, AND FROM WHEN YOU ARE PREGNANT, SOMETHING CHANGES INSIDE YOU You cross a threshold and you enter a new world…the world of the parent. You go through a right of passage with the birth of your child. There’s no going back, there is only forward...

Taking Yourself Less Seriously

Becoming a parent is a very personal process. It can be painful at times and you sometimes wonder why you do it. But the rewards you receive from your children hit that sweet spot in you and bring you joy that permeates through every cell of your body. Engaging in the...

The Other Side of Patience

When you’re in a storm with your children it’s hard to see the other side. Your children are bickering or demanding your attention, and a myriad of behaviours that send you into a state of stress. How can you see clearly? How can you make sense of their behaviour? Why...


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