Becoming a parent is a very personal process. It can be painful at times and you sometimes wonder why you do it. But the rewards you receive from your children hit that sweet spot in you and bring you joy that permeates through every cell of your body.

Engaging in the process of parenting is a powerful way of seeing through the difficult times and experiencing the beautiful moments.

Dr Daniel Seigel, author of “Mindsight”, describes conscious parenting as a mindfulness process in which the parent brings attention, awareness and compassion to everyday situations. John de Ruiter, Master of Truth, talks about taking ourselves less seriously to allow for energy to flow.

Putting these two great teachings together, then taking yourself less seriously as a parent, allows something to open up between you and your child.

That something is a very important part of the relationship. Allowing more space, more connection, more flow between you and your child, opens up their potential, allows nature to take it’s course, and affects your child’s development in unseen positive ways.

When you get angry and close down your warm connection, your child reacts, feels unsafe and everything in them gets blocked. If you can find your calm, truly relax in the moment and be willing to be open to whatever comes, when you are really present with your child, that’s when the magic happens.

There is often no specific strategy to get into this flow because it is so personal. Suffice to say that stopping what you’re doing and embracing the present moment helps. Listening to your child and not fixing their problems helps. Letting go of your agenda helps.

The research shows that parents who come to understand their own childhood experiences and how these may affect their reactions to their children, have the best possibility of parenting well.

“When you take yourself less seriously you see your child for who they really are.”

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