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Like many parents, you may be struggling with a child who is aggressive and  uncooperative, or raising a child with increased sensitives or special needs. You’re busy, you’re overwhelmed, and you can’t get out of the downward spiral.

You want your child to be happy, cooperative, respectful and resilient and come to you when they are in trouble. You want to relax and enjoy your family life.

When I was a first-time mother I struggled with my daughter everyday. After 3 years of sleep deprivation, I could not think clearly and I was overwhelmed with raising her alone.  As an experienced Speech Therapist I had assumed I would know what to do, in terms of playing and communicating, at least. I had no idea that all my emotional buttons would be pushed and I would stress out over her lack of cooperation and aggression. It was chaos and it was not an enjoyable experience.

With 25 years of combined professional experience, as a Speech Therapist, Child Behaviour Specialist and Parent, I developed Connected Child  to support parents like you.

My mandate is “Helping Children Flourish”. My focus is on making sense of children’s behaviour and the conditions they need to overcome specific challenges. My inspiration is my daughter…..every day.

As Director of Connected Child, I provide a range of Services to suit my clients needs and availability. The heart of this approach is ConnectionWORKS, which will take you and your family from striving to thriving.


The philosophy of this approach is based on a set of guiding principles:

Parenting is a set of skills that needs practise. A recipe for successful parenting includes a large spoon of ‘good’ information, a cup of clear goals, put into a mixing bowl of a culturally-supportive environment.

Children are like seeds in a garden; naturally supplied with instincts to attach to their parents and full of potential to grow when provided with the right conditions.

The relationship is the garden where children learn to adapt to their environment, develop resilience and emerge as separate, mature individuals.

Parenting is a job and a journey. It carries huge responsibilities and requires a wide skill set. When you feel empowered to lead your child well, it can be deeply rewarding.


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“As a British family living in France we were struggling to find English speaking support to address our concerns regarding the behaviour of our five year old son both at home and at school. Areas of concern included social anxiety at school, difficulty in adapting to changes to routine, fidgeting, hypersensitivity to smell and to noise, sensory issues and meltdowns about seemingly minor issues.
The previous year we had taken him back to see a Consultant Paediatrician and specialist in neuro-developmental disorders in London who had told us that potentially he had underlying neuro-developmental issues that were causing his problematic behaviour. We returned from London with a possible ADHD diagnosis on paper, but with no help on how to cope on a day-to-day basis. His behaviour continued to challenge us more than ever.

In late May, we discovered Laura’s website. During our first Skype call it was immediately clear that we had finally found someone who we could talk to honestly and openly about the situation we were in, and who could offer us support and advice about how to get our family life back on track.
Following some initial Skype sessions Laura flew over to stay with us for a couple of days in order to spend more time with us and our son. Since then she has totally changed the way in which we read his behaviour. We now feel equipped to understand his actions and rather than being frustrated or at times angered by it we have learnt to interpret it and respond calmly. Laura is the first to point out that there is no quick fix but we have definitely seen encouraging results in a short period and our relationship with our son is much stronger which in turn has made a huge improvement in our family life.”

Michael & Emma Crane
France, October 2017


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