Normally we seek expert advice when we need something done or changed for which we don’t have the skills, like buying a house or medical treatment. Otherwise, we often ask our friends/family, Facebook friends or Google.
With regard to the subject of parenting, when we have issues with our children we tend to get on with it but don’t think about asking advice from an expert.

Being a parent these days requires a considerable set of skills, knowledge, support and above all, plenty of sleep. There has never been so much information available and yet it has never been so hard to be a parent! Dealing with sibling rivalry, temper tantrums, discipline, children with anxiety/ ADHD/ autism/ learning difficulties/ allergies/ sleep issues/ learning difficulties/ sensitivities…the list goes on. All this while running a house, a career, maintaining family relationships!

Wouldn’t it be great to have “Parent Rescue Service” that helps you out when you feel overwhelmed, when you are stuck in a pattern, when you want to make things easier for you and your children, when you want to safeguard your adolescents? A parent consultant can give you the professional advice and support you need in times of crisis; emotional support, practical strategies, and best of all a plan. With an approach that is scientifically proven and saturated in common sense and age-old wisdom, parents benefit on many levels. Ultimately, parents have the answers but sometimes it’s good to have a little help from an outside authority.

When you’re a busy parent, it can be difficult to find the time to attend workshops and classes. With a confidential parent-to-parent consultation via phone or Skype, you can access insight and personalized assistance at a time that’s convenient for you.

For professional and confidential parent consultancy, covering babies to adolescents, with a free initial consultation, contact Laura Newman BSc, BSc, MSc.

You can set up an appointment immediately via www.connectedchild.net or facebook.com/connectedchildfamily

Sometimes one session is all it takes.

“Laura was expert in seeing my situation with great depth and brought me valuable insight and clarity, marrying intuition with logic. Thank you so much!”
Anna Freedman, Food & Health Coach, www.wholefoodharmony.com

“I have heard of Laura Newman just at the right moment – It was a sunday evening when I just sunk into the sofa completely exhausted after having put my 2.5 year old to bed, which involved a lot of screaming and kicking and pinching … all that after a sunny sunday afternoon on the beach which sounds like heaven, but that day particularly was like hell…! So I was close to tears when I picked up the local magazine next to the sofa, where Laura wrote an article about her work.

I emailed her straight away and the following phone call already made a huge difference in my life. She made me understand that children in that age have a lot of frustrations and they have to come out (uh…. my boy is normal!!!!) – all I do observing it, keeping everybody save not not taking it personally. It worked…. straight away….! So I was looking foreword to the first session that we arranged.
Laura gave me great tools to make my life easier and strenghten the connection between me and my boy. She helped me to understand what’s going on in him and which language I best speak to him (the language of ‘play’) if I want him to cooperate with me.
I am fascinated by Laura’s tools and I very much like the way she passes on her knowledge. She is very passionate about her work and a great believer in it and therefore it seems to be easy for her to make others understand what it’s all about. She always has an example ready, is very intuative and just very pleasant to be with.
For now I had 5 sessions, which gave me a lot of tools to work with and practice with my boy – it’s all pretty much fun and my life with my ‘wild boy’ became so much easier and joyful…. just how these sunday afternoons on the beach are supposed to be 🙂
Thank you Laura, I can highly recommend you to everybody wanting to make things easier at home. Thank you Laura!”

Yogateacher, Algarve