Parents can never be too complacent. Just when you think you have everything covered..…there’s always more!

If you have a screaming toddler, an unhappy child, or one that seems to go off the rails at the drop of a hat, consider this:

1. Microorganisms swimming around your pipes not only digest food and fight disease, they secrete mood-regulating chemicals like serotonin. New York Times

2. Gut bacteria affect toddlers mood, curiosity, sociability and impulsivity. Ohio State University

For parents with children with behaviour issues, it would be wise to look at their diet. In particular, anything that affects their healthy gut flora and forna.

*Diary, wheat and sugar are the common triggers for inflammation and leaky gut. Cut out one of these for a few days and see what happens to their behaviour.

*Buy some good probiotics (10 billion broad spectrum)

By Laura Newman  MSc