The school testing season is upon us and many children are facing several weeks of it ahead of them. It can be a stressful time for children and parents alike. Each day they are sitting answering questions in a more formal atmosphere than usual, being told to revise & do their best. The pressure is on! For young children, their experience of being tested can either haunt them or exhilarate them for the rest of their lives, not to mention how it can affect their career choices.

There is a lot that parents can do to support children, as well as helping them with their revision.

Consider this:

Children perform better on all tasks when…..

1. They are well rested
2. They are well nourished with healthy food
3. They are well hydrated (water hydrates, soft drinks do not)
4. They feel great about themselves
5. They have got rid of their frustrations from the day
6. They have exercised and spent time outside
7. They are self-motivated not other-motivated
8. They feel accepted & valued

With this in mind, parents can support their children in many ways which will significantly affect their child’s performance in revision and in testing.

Remember to always listen to your child’s upsets & frustrations everyday without judging, without giving advice & with as much love and acceptance as you can muster. If your child finds their tears about little situations that bother them, all the better. Let the tears flow & allow the brain to clear itself. Then get ready for a massive leap in self-motivation, creativity and performance levels!

By Laura Newman MSc