Laura Newman MSc



My passion is working with families and schools to improve the conditions for raising our children, to nourish their relationships with us, to make it easier to parent & teach them, to smooth out some of their challenges at home & at school.

I GRADUATED in the UK with the following degrees:
1) BSc in Biology
2) BSc in Speech Pathology & Therapy
3) MSc in Human Communications.

My background is in Speech Therapy. Five years after my daughter was born I started re-training in Parenting and this led naturally to supporting other parents in my community. I have now amalgamated my therapeutic background, experience as a parent and parent training into my eclectic approach with parents and children. 

My greatest teacher as a parent is my daughter.  My work and parenting style are inspired by Dr Gordon Neufeld, Dr Gabor Mate, Patty Wipfler, Daniel Goleman, Daniel Siegel, Alfie Kohn, to name a few. It is a more comprehensive and natural perspective when we make sense of children from the inside out, by exploring their behaviour within their relationships.

I am a scientist, a therapist and an optimistic. I believe that all children have the ability to develop to their true potential given the right conditions.


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