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Online Independent Family Advice, Human Friendly 


Crisis to Confidence is a program (available online) for families who are struggling and want to get back on track and flourish! It is a bespoke service for each family based on more than 20 years of training and experience.

Crisis: your child is regularly in a state of distress, aggression, or consistently won’t listen to the point of danger or discomfort to themselves or others. This has huge implications for their wellbeing and that of your whole family.

Most parenting advice consists of tools which you apply to your child. You may be told to do things “even if they don’t feel right”. Crisis to Confidence helps you work with your child, naturally, intuitively, without strain.

The good news is that you don’t need to evict your child from your house to get the rest you need; you don’t need a personality transplant; and you definitely don’t need to appear on an episode of Super Nanny!

How it works

I will help you make the quickest, most powerful interventions to get you out of crisis – and then grow into a long term future where you and your child can enjoy each other and your child can flourish.

We will talk about you, your child, and your unique family situation
You will feel heard and supported – perhaps for the first time ever
I will pinpoint the most powerful things you can do now.
I will give you the guidelines and the strategies you need to deal with incidents in the moment and prevent them from happening in the future
You will have an action plan to follow to see radical changes in your child and deep confidence in your parenting.
You will see your child in a new light and gain the perspective you need to parent successfully and support your child through any challenge.
You’ll learn how to discipline your child in a way which brings you closer together, instead of driving you apart.