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As a British family living in France we were struggling to find English speaking support to address our concerns regarding the behaviour of our five year old son both at home and at school. Areas of concern included social anxiety at school, difficulty in adapting to changes to routine, fidgeting, hypersensitivity to smell and to noise, sensory issues and meltdowns about seemingly minor issues.

The previous year we had taken him back to see a Consultant Paediatrician and specialist in neurodevelopmental disorders in London who had told us that potentially he had underlying neurodevelopmental issues that were causing his problematic behaviour. We returned from London with a possible ADHD diagnosis on paper, but with no help on how to cope on a day-to-day basis. His behaviour continued to challenge us more than ever.

In late May, we discovered Laura’s website. During our first Skype call it was immediately clear that we had finally found someone who we could talk to honestly and openly about the situation we were in, and who could offer us support and advice about how to get our family life back on track.

Following some initial Skype sessions Laura flew over to stay with us for a couple of days in order to spend more time with us and our son. Since then she has totally changed the way in which we read his behaviour. We now feel equipped to understand his actions and rather than being frustrated or at times angered by it we have learnt to interpret it and respond calmly. Laura is the first to point out that there is no quick fix but we have definitely seen encouraging results in a short period and our relationship with our son is much stronger which in turn has made a huge improvement in our family life.
Michael & Emma Crane

Nicola Cailleau

I was given Laura’s card my my sons teacher at school as he was struggling with his speech and needed English speech therapy before progressing with Portuguese. From our 1st phone call consultation I knew that Laura would be the right person to help my son with his speech and I was right we have had 4 sessions so far and my sons speech has improved immensely, Laura has a fabulous kind manner with him and he loves when she comes to visit (always has a nosey in her bag of toys to see what she brought each week lol) we are finished now for the summer as we are going away but Laura has given me some work to keep doing with him at home and we look forward to picking up our sessions again in September. Thank you Laura x

Lee Dein

Excellent practical strategies for my teenager who was demanding and difficult – life has now calmed down and is under control. Thank you so much Laura for all your help and support.

Anna Freedman

Laura was expert in seeing my situation with great depth and brought me valuable insight and clarity, marrying intuition with logic. Thank you so much!

Gemma Eagle

Laura and I today had a session about bed wetting! She was super professional on every level and gave me great guide lines. She got into my head about the bedtime routine and pulled out a trigger point! She opened my mind for things I would of never notice or even think of changing! Thank you so much!
If you have any problem thats bugging you about your child, I highly recommend Laura!

Alice Irving, Project Developer & Marketing Specialist www.aliceirving.com

Laura has access to amazing & powerful resources in parenting. She’s been through the struggles with her own child & she searches tirelessly for the best solutions. In four sessions Laura gave me the tools & confidence to feel in control & a stronger sense of my own power & authority as a mother. She really listened to me & my struggles with my 9 year old son & she gave me the reassurance I needed that everything can be OK. Now I have a much better connection with my son, he is more compliant & relaxed; almost for the first time, he is this sweet, innocent child.


Mirka Deen

Laura truly listens. And then focuses on problems at hand. She always gives a very practical advice but explains the reasons and shows a bigger picture too. She is also a mum who practices what she shares every day and a great source of parental knowledge that she keeps on expanding.
Huge thank you! I wouldn’t be where I am now without you.

Tamara Donn

I have been blessed to have known Laura for over 20 years as a friend, her childbirth mentor and as a colleague. It was an honour to support her through her transition into motherhood which she embraced consciously and holistically with the intention of supporting her daughter from a place of centred and grounded love. I would highly recommend Laura and her wealth of experience, sensitivity and clarity as a parenting coach.

Cate Barlemoor

Laura is an amazing guide on family related matters, I went to her for advice over a delicate family concern and this lady gave me good solid advice all this lead to giving me the confidence I needed to help achieve my goal!
I would highly recommend Laura at Connected Child if you are looking for someone with experience in child and family matters.
These days we lack extended families and the support of Village life, we parent without the knowledge being passed down and yet it takes a village to raise a child. We need all the help we can get.
Thank you so much Laura!

Victoria Clark

Laura, has been very supportive and helpful, she did not hesitate to respond to my message which helped me lots. a very genuine and caring approach – Thank you <3

Helen Jacoby

We were at a loss with our seemingly confident and strong willed adopted three year old boy until Laura stepped in with her insight and expertise. We were veering between reactive discipline and exhausted reasoning in response to his seemingly relentless ignoring of our direction and tendency to pull away from us and head toward danger.
Thankfully we encountered Laura who simply and clearly explained to us that she saw his actions as calls for more boundaries not less. She reassured us as to our role in the relationship and compassionately guided us through alternative ways of responding to him whilst maintaining being the adults in charge. In a very short time her work has transformed things for us all. Thank you Laura.