Speech Therapy

Many children struggle with various forms of communication difficulties and their numbers are rising. It is estimated that 10% of children in school suffer from some form of speech, language or learning issue. Some of their issues are obvious, like stammering, speech sound disorders, late language development, autism, ADHD. Sometimes children have problems for years before it is noticed by parents or teachers, like Asperger’s syndrome, dyslexia, dyspraxia, specific language disorder.

Children with complex communication issues often experience frustration and anxiety. Chronic levels of frustration & anxiety affect their learning potential and lead to behaviour problems in the areas of attention  and social skills.

The good news is that children have the potential to change rapidly given the right conditions & input. Some communication problems can be resolved with relatively little input from a speech therapist & others need a lot more work and behaviour needs to be managed with sensitivity and understanding.

In these cases, I would address the child’s emotional need for connection, from where all learning and creativity comes from and from where behavioural issues arise. Once we address that stuckness in the system, and start to unravel it, then we can kick-start the maturation process, and learning takes off, whether thats communication, cognition or behaviour.

I work with children of all ages and adolescents.

From the BLOG: When it’s time to call the Speech Therapist