Speech Therapy


Many children struggle with various forms of communication difficulties and their numbers are rising. It is estimated that 10% of children in school suffer from some form of speech, language or learning issue. Some of their issues are obvious, like stammering, speech sound disorders, late language development, autism, ADHD. Sometimes children have problems for years before it is noticed by parents or teachers, like Asperger’s syndrome, dyslexia, dyspraxia, specific language disorder.

One of the problems with communication challenges is that it can result in a range of other problems, including low self-esteem, difficulty making friends, written & oral learning difficulties in school, and a lot of frustration which can lead to behaviour problems, like aggression & defiance.

The good news is that children have the potential to change rapidly given the right conditions & input. Some communication problems can be resolved with relatively little input from a speech therapist & others need a lot more work. It depends on finding the cause of the issue, the factors that are maintaining it & being able to lead the child into transformation.

I believe in looking at the bigger picture, seeing the child as part of their whole environment, exploring what is working in their life & what needs changing, and then making small steps in that direction. It’s not about diagnosis but rather about making sense of the child. My approach is based on the developmental attachment-based model & 19 years of working with clients as a speech therapist, as well as my own experience as a parent and health educator.

All children need rest & play for growth to happen. Some children need direct therapeutic input to change stuck communication patterns.

I work with children of all ages and adolescents.