Parent Support

At Connected Child, I OFFER PROFESSIONAL SUPPORT for parents to get their children out of stuck behaviour patterns & into healthy relationship with their parents & teachers. I address a range of issues, including HYPERACTIVITY & ATTENTION, ANXIETY & AGGRESSION, difficulties with PRE-SCHOOLERS through to ADOLESCENTS.

For children with SPECIFIC DIFFICULTIES IN SPEECH, LANGUAGE & COMMUNICATION, this is particularly relevant, as research shows that these children ARE MORE AT RISK for behavioural, emotional & social problems.



Many parents today are struggling with children who are aggressive, agitated, uncooperative, as well as dealing with sensitive and special needs children. In spite of more books on parenting than ever before, these problems are escalating.

We want our children to be happy, cooperative, caring, creative, respectful, independent, intelligent, self-confident, resilient and come to us when they are in trouble. We want to relax and enjoy our family life.

So…. how do we get our children from struggling to thriving?

How do we empower ourselves as parents and enjoy our families?

How do we keep our children close while going through separation or divorce?

Scientific research is clear that a warm, meaningful, consistent connection with primary caretakers provides the conditions for emotional maturation and intellectual growth. It’s all about relationship.

This close parent-child connection is the “super-protective” factor influencing whether children emerge into adulthood without major involvement in drugs, violence, early pregnancy or school failure. (Revealed by research by ETR (Education Training Research) Associates in 2004). For children with specific difficulties in speech, language and communication, this is particularly relevant, as research shows that these children are more at risk for behavioural, emotional and social problems.

At Connected Child, I offer professional support for parents to get their children out of stuck behaviour patterns and into healthy relationship with their parents and teachers. I address a range of issues, including hyperactivity and attention, anxiety and aggression, sibling rivalry, bullying, from pre-schoolers through to adolescents.

My mandate is “Helping Children Flourish”. My focus is on making sense of children’s behaviour and the conditions they need to overcome specific challenges and to reach their unique potential. My inspiration is my daughter…..every day.


1.It empowers & reconnects parents & teachers with their natural intuitions.
2.They learn to discipline children in ways that keep the relationship safe & use healthy communication strategies.
3.Parents get back in the drivers seat as their children become more cooperative.
4. Children deepen their attachments with parents / teachers & develop their self-control & self-confidence.
5.Children get ‘unstuck’ from their difficult behaviours
6. Children orientate towards parents & teachers for security & guidance, which directly enhances their emotional & cognitive functioning.
7. Children get in touch with their potential as creative learners.

Parenting is a set of skills that needs practise. A recipe for successful parenting includes a large spoon of ‘good’ information, a cup of clear goals, put into a mixing bowl of a culturally-supportive environment.

Children are like seeds in a garden; naturally supplied with instincts to attach to their parents and full of potential to grow when provided with the right conditions.

The relationship is the garden where children learn to adapt to their environment and emerge as separate, mature individuals.

You cannot teach a child to be good, to say sorry and mean it, to want to help with chores, to respect their teachers. You can only ‘teach’ the surface behaviours. Real, sustained growth comes from within, a natural motivation to be good and to follow. It happens within the relationship.

We are at a turning point in our society. Many parents and teachers are stuck in the old cycle of rewards and punishments. Children are more sensitive and vulnerable these days: their attempts to protect themselves from their (emotionally) wounding world are resulting in stuck behaviours that are difficult to manage.

Neuroscience shows us that children need warm, consistent connections with their parents daily; a super-protective factor which will keep children safe and connected and the context for real learning.

Simply asking pertinent questions will lead to answers:
What are your family goals? Are you satisfied with your child’s behaviour or is there room for improvement? Where do you need to set better limits? How can you hold on to your children through the teenage years? How are you building connection every day? How are you resourcing yourself? Are your discipline methods working?
Parenting is a job and a journey. It carries huge responsibilities and it is deeply rewarding. If you are not completely satisfied with your child’s behaviour or desire to be good, then what piece are you missing? Would you benefit from some information or support?

“LISTENING CIRCLES” & “WHAT TO DO WHEN” are two local weekly groups providing support, information and exploration into these areas. We are Taking Parenting to the Next Level.

We are sharing the answers and getting the results to make our families run more smoothly and easily.

We are learning how and when to set limits.

We are managing our childrens’ behaviour.

We are dealing with our frustrations.

We are getting out of old cycles and replacing them with healthy patterns.

We are realising the places we need to pay attention to and taking the necessary steps.

We are safe-guarding our children for the future.

We are empowering ourselves and making family life more rewarding and fun!

Contact Laura for details. Whatever your time zone, I am here for you and together we can make this happen.