Services Offered


At Connected Child, we offer PROFESSIONAL SUPPORT for families and schools with children with challenges in COMMUNICATION, LEARNING & BEHAVIOUR

We address a RANGE OF ISSUES including:


*Attention issues, ADD, ADHD,


*Hypersensitivity, Highly Sensitive



*Autism & Asperger’s Syndrome



*Obsessions Compulsions & Addictions, OCD

*Speech & Language Difficulties

*Handwriting Issues

*Behavioural issues associated with toddlers through to adolescents:


Temper tantrums

Sibling Rivalry

Sleep disturbances



Fussy Eaters

School Refusal



The APPROACH is DEVELOPMENTAL as opposed to medical or behavioural. We look at each child’s presentation while considering their developmental state, taking into account the context of their environment and their history. We address the root cause of the behaviour not just the symptoms, in order to achieve a lasting change. We base our work on leading developmental science and experience with thousands of clients using this approach.

The PARENT CONSULTING APPROACH helps children by working through their parents rather than directly with children. Parents thus receive the insight and support they need to become the answers to their children.

There are several WAYS TO ACCESS the service:

Parenting Courses

The ConnectionWORKS Course. A Foundation Course for parents
5 weekly sessions of Individual Consultation and Supportive Materials

Additional Course Modules

Delivered online, or face-to-face

Individual Consultation

To address more complex or chronic issues in more depth. Follow-up & Maintenance sessions after the 5 week course.

Delivery: online, or face-to-face

In Depth Assessment/ Advice in your home

For half or full day sessions

Delivered in your home in The Algarve & Portugal or within some European countries


Speech Therapy in Schools 

For individual or group sessions with children

Delivered in The Algarve

Magic Link Handwriting Program

For group sessions with children

Delivered in The Algarve

Medico-Legal Services

Expert Witness at court, Reports, and all services relating to medico-legal cases


A range of parenting workshops are available. (Please ask for the area where your own interest lies.)

*Promoting Resilience in Childhood

*Raising Children in a Digital World

*Dealing with your Bossy Child

*Dealing with Sibling Rivalry


For more information on services offered please go to

Parent Support

Speech Therapy

Online Courses