Is Real Play an Endangered Activity?


Summer is well underway! Beaches to explore & adventures to be had. A change in the daily rhythm & space from school work. An opportunity for kids to engage in real play, the kind of play that stimulates their brain & their development: exploratory, expressive, creative.  It is through play that our ability to learn, to solve problems, to interact, and to express emotion, first takes place. Play is what actually equips us for the world of work, for school and for social interactions.

But real play has become an endangered activity in our society. There are too many quick fixes for entertainment which our kids are becoming addicted to: TV, movies, video games, social media, phones, etc. There is constant stimulation from the outside. When kids go to Summer camp their fear is that they won’t have their phone with them.

Our children need space & time to play. They need room to express their thoughts & ideas. Space to explore who they are and the world around them. Space to connect with those they love. Space that is free of pressures, repercussions, and agendas. Space to play.

By Laura Newman MSc

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  • Thank you This so reminds me of a recent experience where i heard of a couple who had scrimped and saved to take the 2 young children on Holiday. When they got home mom asked what was the best bit? They replied the day it rained and we played cards together just us 4! 🙂 Sofia

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