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Laura Newman

Laura Newman
BSc(Biology), BSc(Speech Therapy), MSc(Speech Therapy)

Your first step – Book in a call and let’s find out how I can help you.

You can schedule a 30 minute planning session for FREE!
Take a look at my availability and find a time that works for your time zone.

When I understand your specific situation, I can recommend your next step to getting the results you want to see in your family as quickly as possible. I offer personal sessions, group support calls and online programs.

If you have a question you can also send me a message in the contact box below.

Please note:

Fees for families that I actually see in real life here in Portugal are set at local rates.

If you are in a time zone that doesn’t allow you to book an appointment that suits you, then you can submit your questions to me and I will reply with a video feedback response.

Hope to see you soon!