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It’s a busy and often stressful world for us parents and it would be so helpful if our kids just cooperated more and got frustrated less!

“CONNECTIONworks” is for parents like me who want the most up-to-date information, that is easy to apply, gets fast results, and is applicable to my child as she grows.

I want to give you the short-cuts to getting what you want in your family, whether that’s changing some aspect of your child’s behaviour or your own reactions.

One things for sure, parents all have buttons that magically get pushed by their children.

I want parents to feel calm and empowered and for children to feel happier and be more successful and healthier in their lives.

It’s true that there is a ton of excellent information out there. But you have to sift through it and then you have to apply it. And quite honestly its not all great. Neuroscience has moved on but discipline approaches and ways to raise our children have not all kept up.

With 25 years of professional experience working with families as a Speech Therapist and Parent Consultant, I can show you how to fast track the changes you want to see in your children and in your family as a whole.

And I wouldn’t offer you anything less than I do myself with my own child.

I can show you the bigger picture and the strategies you need for your present situation but also for your child’s future. And this is for children with special needs or neuro-typical children; nature doesn’t discriminate when it comes to how children develop their attachments.

So I have created this group for parents to come together with a view to teaching you the best tools that I know. Each week I will teach you some new strategies while giving you the bigger picture and each week there will be an opportunity for Q and A. It is not a listening group to share your experiences although you are welcome to share in this confidential space. It is a place for you to learn the tools and I promise you that you will and you can apply them immediately with your children.

Everything I teach you comes from the CONNECTIONworks course I offer individually but at a greatly reduced cost. And learning with other parents is a great way to understand this material.

So please contact me for the address in Burgau and reserve your spot because my living room will only sit so many!

Meanwhile, if you would like a chat about anything that resonates with you, then I invite you to book a free call with me or check me out on


“There is no way to be a perfect parent and there are a million ways to be a great one.”

Laura Newman BSc BSc MSc
Parent Consultant / Speech Therapist / Health Educator
Professional support for parents

CONNECTIONworks: The Complete Course for Parents.

Laura is a Consultant specialising in children with communication and behaviour issues. She is a blogger / vlogger and writes for Tomorrow magazine. Laura provides online consultations internationally and ‘sees’ clients locally.
She organises VIBRANCY: Healthy Living Presentations bringing together local community.

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