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Speech Therapist, Parent Consultant and Health Educator, Laura Newman BSc BSc MSc has 25 years combined experience supporting families and professionals. Laura offers a unique blend of her gifts and experience in her ONLINE and face-to-face program CONNECTIONworks.


Alice Irving, Project Developer & Marketing Specialist

Laura has access to amazing & powerful resources in parenting. She’s been through the struggles with her own child & she searches tirelessly for the best solutions. In four sessions Laura gave me the tools & confidence to feel in control & a stronger sense of my own power & authority as a mother. She really listened to me & my struggles with my 9 year old son & she gave me the reassurance I needed that everything can be OK. Now I have a much better connection with my son, he is more compliant & relaxed; almost for the first time, he is this sweet, innocent child.


Tamara Donn

I have been blessed to have known Laura for over 20 years as a friend, her childbirth mentor and as a colleague. It was an honour to support her through her transition into motherhood which she embraced consciously and holistically with the intention of supporting her daughter from a place of centred and grounded love. I would highly recommend Laura and her wealth of experience, sensitivity and clarity as a parenting coach.

Helen Jacoby

We were at a loss with our seemingly confident and strong willed adopted three year old boy until Laura stepped in with her insight and expertise. We were veering between reactive discipline and exhausted reasoning in response to his seemingly relentless ignoring of our direction and tendency to pull away from us and head toward danger.
Thankfully we encountered Laura who simply and clearly explained to us that she saw his actions as calls for more boundaries not less. She reassured us as to our role in the relationship and compassionately guided us through alternative ways of responding to him whilst maintaining being the adults in charge. In a very short time her work has transformed things for us all. Thank you Laura.

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